Louis Tomek, 1958

I was not a resident of Mena, but have lived there many different times when at work there.  I came to Cove with my father, mother, and sister in 1897.  We settled in the town now called Cove, which at the above date was named Venince and changed to Barton’s Switch and then to Cove.

I lived there until I was called into the W.W.I.  After the war, I began to drift from place to place.  As I said before, I have worked in Mena on many different jobs and can say I have always received a welcome in Mena.

I remember one time my father took my sister and I to the Hotel Wilhelmena and I am glad to learn from The Mena Weekly Star that the hotel is being rebuilt soon.

I am a resident of Wichita Falls, Kansas and I make it a point to get to Cove and Mena at least once a year.  I retired from public work July 31, with Boing Airplane Company of which I have been a steady worker for over ten consecutive years and two years during the war.

© Shirley Manning 2004