Morrison Family

Here is another of the Letters to the Editor of The Mena Star about Mena  and families who settled there.

The Morrisons

By Ruby Fern Mann

It has been 43 years since my dad, Henry Morrison, my mother, Foinette, her mother, Emley J. Crawford, and eight of the children arrived at Union Grove, Polk County, on an emigrant car on the railroad.  After three years and several deaths in the family, we moved back to Wyoming.

Recently while I was visiting in Tulsa with my daughter, Mrs. Robert Scott and family, we made a trip to Mena.  There have been many changes, but I remember the fountain in the park, and we ate our picnic lunch there and took pictures to send to my brothers and sisters in California, Montana and Washington.

While in Mena we talked with Bill Reid, who knew the Morrisons.  He took us to Owens Chapel to see the graves of my father, sister, and brother, and then to see the Grover Wards and Bill and Rossie Patrick.  Rossie was my closest playmate when I was there.

I truly think Mena is “the friendliest city in Arkansas.”  Everyone was so nice to us.

I visited and took pictures of the house we lived in there.  I remember a board fence was around the ball park, where the school now stands.  Mother ran a cafe on main street--don’t remember the name of it.

I am alone as my husband died of a heart attack on May 1, 1960.

(Date of letter unknown)

I located these tombstones in Owens Chapel Cemetery:

Stanley Arthur Morrison, 1908-1921

Florence Dell Morrison, 1905-1921

Henry Donnelson Morrison, 1869-1921

Therefore, I would place this family has having lived in the Mena area in the early 1920s.

According to the 1920 Census, the family lived in District 93, Election District 3, Niobrara, Wyoming . There were eight children, in addition to the parents and grandmother.  This family may have been connected to the Morrisons (C.P.) who had a lumber mill in Mena.  One Stanley Arthur Morrison died in Polk County in 1950.

The cause of death for the four who died within a year of each other is not given, but I'd guess it to be some water borne disease, such as typhoid.

Morrison & Co

C.P. Morrison & Co. Lumber Office and yards of Janssen Ave. between Mena and Hermann Sts.

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