George F. Bickle, 1958

When it comes to old timers, I guess I am the oldest rat in the barn.  I was born two miles west of Mena in the Devils Eyebrow, on March 25, 1872.  I lived there until I was 15 years old and, my father moved to Indian Territory eight miles east of Eufala at the place called Bowken.

He died the second year and later mother became invalid and thought she could get well if she was back at the old home in the Devils Eyebrow; so, we took her back.  But, she soon passed away; so I just remained there and was there when the first train came in.  In fact I cut the mile of right-of-way and helped build the road up to Mt. Mena.  I was a peace officer there for near 20 years, so I guess I’m an old-timer but not an old man.  I left there in 1933.

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