Aunt Lizzie

Aunt Lizzie of Sapulpa Dies at the Age of 115

July 23, An old lady who thought she'd never die is dead today at the age of 115.

Aunt Lizzie Devers used to say, "I'm part Indian, part Irish, and part Dutch.  I'm too tough and mean to die."  But today she was found dead of natural causes in her home.

In her 115 years, Aunt Lizzie outlived nine husbands, 12 children, a bite by a mad dog and six snake bites.  And once she was hit by an automobile. But she survived them all.

Aunt Lizzie was progressive for her age. Two months ago she took her first airplane ride. When she was past the hundred mark, she took up the fine art of reading and writing.

As she explained it; "I got tired of having to pay 25 cents every time I wanted a letter writ."
Mena Star July 25, 1946

Just shows you can teach an old dog new tricks!  

Louise Durham

Denton, Texas--Still spry, and pointing no finger of reproach at co-ed courtin,' 61-year-old Louise Durham of Mena, Ark, has returned to the campus at North Texas State college as a student.

Back after 42 years away from the college, Miss Durham is a student for the summer.

Admitting that even at her age she still wants a pair of pillow cases embroidered with "his and hers,"  Miss Durham audibly wonders if she should have observed an advertisement read during her earlier college days when warned that "charm, allure, vivacity and poise" could be lost by wearing ill-fitting shoes.

After years of teaching in Mena, where they annually celebrate a "Louise Durham day," the veteran teacher considers that the campus co-ed of today dresses "much more sensibly in many ways, more comfortably and more appealingly" and admits that "had the style been this way 42 years ago, I might not still be a miss."
Mena Star July 25, 1946

Of course, Miss Louise Durham was a teacher many more years in Mena and she has a local grade school named in her honor.  The photo of her here was her high school graduation photo.

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