Since the Mena telephone books also included most of the county residents with phones, those will be the only books listed.  If you want modern phone numbers or addresses there are some phone books at the Polk County Library.  

There have only been two Mena city directors published 1919 and 1976. None have been published for the county.  The 1919 is listed here, but the 1976 has not been scanned.

1905 Mena Business Directory from Mena Star

1919 City Directory - Mena  (You can read this online, or download the pdf file)

1976 City Directory - Mena Available at Polk County Library for Research only.

1927 Mena Phone Book pdf file

1931 Mena Phone Book pdf file

Available at Polk County Library for Research.

1951 Mena Phone Book pdf file

1952 Mena Phone Book pdf file

1954 Mena Phone Book pdf file

1958 Mena Phone Book pdf file

1960-1968  Mena Phone Books-

1977 Mena Phone Book-Mena 

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