DEATH  Includes Obit-Funeral-Cemetery-Mortality-Ark Death Index

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Death: The Arkansas History Commission has a database where you can search for early death records. These are drawn from various sources, such as pensions, war records, transcribed Arkansas Gazette indexes, etc.  The database will tell you where to look and what you will find.  You can SEARCH it HERE.

I have created a database of ALL Death, Obit, Funeral & Cemetery Records in POLK County (earliest available to current)  and I will do a search for any ONE name. Use the email at the right to send a message.  Put Obit Search in the Subject line, or YOU will LIKELY be IGNORED. 

STATE Death Records: Desmond Walls Allen has transcribed books with death records for the entire state and she has now made the Index FREE on her web site for 1914-1948.  Go HERE for POLK County  and HERE for MONTGOMERY CO. (Scroll to the bottom of each page for the indexes.)

Obituaries: The Mena Star exist from 1896, with a few exceptions.  The Polk County Genealogical Society has printed Death Records from 1896 to 1940, in 14 volumes.  They offer these books for sale HERE.  

Funeral Records: The Polk County Genealogical Society has three sets of funeral records: Beasley-Wood, Geyer-Quillin and the Petty records.  All of these are included in the database I have.  None of them have been printed or put on-line for public use.

Cemetery Records: The Polk County Genealogical Society has two Cemetery books for sale. One covers up to 1986, and the other covers stones missed in the first book and additional stones from 1986 to 1996.  Click HERE for an Index

Find-A-Grave: With the Internet a wonderful site has grown for finding cemetery records almost anywhere in the world.  This site is put up by people who have an interest in sharing information for free. They take photos of the tombstones and post them on this site.  A WORD of CAUTION, many people have posted from published books, which may or may not have been transcribed correctly.  (Some listings in the Montgomery Co. book were provided by neighbors and there IS NO stone in the cemetery.)  Also, people who claim these deceased persons as ancestors have posted information about their family tree.  It, again, may or may not be correct.  Any GOOD genealogist will only use this as a guideline and will do their own research to provide proof for the information found here.  UPDATE-Ancestry had now bought this website and for now it is still free.  No one knows what the future will bring.

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