DEED & LAND Records

There are two main places to look for land records.

1.  BLM (Bureau of Land Management).  Here you can find copies of the actual documents which provided land for those who filed for homesteads, bounty lands and early settlers.  You can also find those who paid cash.  These are ONLY for public domain states (Arkansas is one) and only for the FIRST SALE FROM THE GOVERNMENT TO THE INDIVIDUAL.

You can also check the database for land records for the state at the AHC.

2.  Deed Records: Once a person has obtained land from the government, or another person, the land is filed by deed in the county courthouse where the land is located.  You must search deed records for these.  There is usually an INDEX an CROSS INDEX to assist you in finding deeds.

3.  Missing land records?  Try the tax records. Even when courthouses burned some tax records survive on the state level.  Arkansas Tax records at AHC

4.  Plat maps.  One of the best book buys there is (in my opinion) is the family plat map book by  These plats show the original owners only, and can really help in connecting families and finding lost or unknown females.  The maps can also help you to "put your foot on the ground" today.  Click here for the Polk County Book.  

5.  Data Scout is a database which provides today's records for land in Polk  County.  You can search by section, township and range (information you can get from BLM) or by name of the person who owns the land, street address, or subdivision, etc.    Click here for Polk County Datascout. 

In addition to these record resources, you can check land records at the local libraries.  Many records have been transcribed.  Polk County has a Land Tract Book, by Desmond Walls Allen, which should be consulted.  It shows STATE land records, which often predate the ones shown on Arphax.  So use both books.

Check out the Polk County map and township list

Polk was part of Seiver before 1844, so check Sevier for early records, also check ScottHoward & Montgomery, the county line has changed  several times.  

Big Fork, Arkansas is in Polk County, however, it was once in Montgomery County, so pay special attention if you are looking in this area.

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