Mountain Signal



For six years I wrote a magazine entitled The Mountain Signal.  Named for the first newspaper known to have been printed in Polk County.  

This magazine was normally 32 pages, filled with local history and genealogy.  However, in June/July 2000, I printed a special edition to coincide with the KCS Railroad Historical Society's meeting held at Queen Wilhelmina State Park.  I was also a featured speaker at that event.  

The Mountain Signal ceased publication when I became heavily involved as founder and president of NHPP, Inc. This organization purchased and has been renovating the old high school at Norman, Arkansas, where I attended school 7-11 grades.  (I'm originally from Mena.)

Recently, much interest has surfaced in the old issues of The Mountain Signal.  However, there are none of the regular issues for sale.  I do, however, plan to rewrite most of the family stories and issue them in a book in the coming year.   I do have about 100 copies of the special edition, double issue (72 pages with about 200 old photos) mentioned above.

This issue originally sold for $6, and I will still sell it for that amount.  However, it is only available by mail and the shipping and handling will be $4. That includes first class postage, envelope and a long trip to the post office.  I live one hour round-trip from the post office in Mena.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this special issue please send a check or money order for $10 to:  Shirley Manning, P. O. Box 685, Mena, AR  71953
(Books will be shipped once a week until sold out.)

NOTICE: NO article or information from this booklet can be reprinted, copied and passed around or put on any electronic file or the Internet.  This is copyrighted material and may not be used in any way without the author's permission. Doing so is against the law and a violation of copyright.  You agree to this when you purchase the magazine.  You may make a copy of any article, not the whole book, to include in your family history if you find something that mentions or relates to your family.  If you decide to print your family history, you must have permission before including any material from this booklet.

What's in the booklet:
Arthur E. Stilwell, Builder & Promoter
History of Polk County, Arkansas
Her Name is Mena
Early Janssen Park
Early Mena
Castle In The Sky (Queen Wilhelmina)
KCS Officials and Presidents
Memories of Mt. Mena (Rich Mountain)
Firsts (for Queen Wilhelmina)
Historic No. 360 Steam Engine
The Wonder House
The Fall of a Queen
Talimena Scenic Drive
Train Notes (lots of articles about KCS Railroad employees)
Railroad Accidents (KCS)
KCS Lawsuits (by locals)
The Hot Tamale Man
Mena Depot (history)
The First Train (in Mena)
Railroad Facts
The Southern Belle
Oklahoma's Southern Belle (restaurant)

© Shirley Manning 2004